Sunday in Germany

Sundays are very boring in Germany – everything is closed. But we try to think out the best way of doing Germany on Sundays. So we did that today and we had a great day here. We left Bremen in the morning and we headed for Stade – a little town outside Hamburg which is really very cosy with its beautiful houses and a little harbour. It was morning coffee time in Stade.

Don’t ask me about the weather. It was quite horrible during whole day. Rain and greyish. Totally boring on a boring German Sunday. But we came to Hamburg in a very exciting way found out by our GPS-Klaus (it’s his name). Small roads, harbour, bridges. It was really exciting.

Hamburg was OK after the last week’s summit with Donald Trump. We found our usual parking near the Michael Church and near our favorite restaurant “Pauliner” – the Bawarian restaurant in Hamburg. We really love their food and we’ve been their sincere fans for 15 years or more.

From Hamburg to Husum it takes about 2 hours. But we had a good luck without any traffic stockings and we came to Husum quite early. It is our last night on this holiday and now we go home to Malmö for some laundry and meeting our friends before we leave for our big Poland adventure at the beginning of August. So stay tuned… there will be a lot of Poland blog here soooooon.

Holland – Germany

So on the road again back to the northern parts of Europe. A little bit colder again…

We started in a little Dutch village of Sloten. Definitely worth to be seen. So typical Dutch with its beautiful houses and channels and situated on a little island. We came before all tourists so we could enjoy calm and silence and good coffee.

The last big city in Holland before the German border is Groningen. We did not stay there but we really liked some modern houses, especially the black-and-white one which is a hotel.

Our final destination on Saturday is Bremen. The city is beautiful and we of course enjoyed a glas of white wine near the Rathaus. So beautiful.

14 juillet

Today is the National Day in France. And today we left France for this time heading through Belgium for Holland.

It went quickly to get through Belgium and then we came to Holland and its exciting big highways.

We had some problems with parking issues in the first city we stopped for lunch and wanted to park our car. It was impossible to pay for the parking and we were not the only ones who had the same problem. Finally we found a place we could stay, park and have a lunch. Then we continued to drive around Amsterdam without any traffic jams or any other problems.

We arrived quite early to our hotel in the town of Enkhuizen.

After check-in we went to the church for sight-seeing and a modern art exhibition.

Enkhuizen is a little charming town with a very nice main street with shops and restaurants.

Then we enjoyed the channels and the old harbour.

Tomorrow more Holland and back to Germany for two days.

Last day in France

We woke up in Honfleur and realized that it was our last day in France (for this time). A very nice day with a slow drive through Normandy and Picardy. We started with the impressive Pont Normandy and drove north-east.

In the beginning of our trip we bought some French newspapers which we read and found some tips about beautiful small towns and villages. One of them is Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme and we went there. It is a very nice old village which developed to a big town which is totally touristic. We enjoyed the oldest part of the town.

Being in the middle of nowhere it was hard to plan lunch. We drove on small roads looking for a “brasserie” or restaurant without finding anything but suddenly we saw a name “Chez Nathalie” (At Nathalies) and there we stayed for a very tasty lunch menu. I have already forgotten where it was but it was really very nice place.

So we continued to Arras which is our final destination today, Thursday – the day before the National Day in France. We came to our hotel in the city center with a good parking after 3 p.m. We got a parking place for our car and a very nice big room.

From our hotel we had a 5 minutes walk to go to the old town and the beautiful places as for instance the Place of the Heroes – problably the nicest place in the city.

We had a beer at the Grand Place and we really enjoyed the weather – quite warm but not hot. This is the best thing with northern France maybe.

As it was the last day in France we had to find the newest issue of “Paris Match” which is out every Thursday in France. We found “Paris Match” which we will read together with our French teacher in August and we found a cosy place for a glas of white wine (Muscadet is our summer favorite in France). It will be a bit hard to leave France tomorrow but we have to because we’ve got lots to look forward to this summer. I do not say what – yet, but you will see. And tomorrow we will pay a visit to a new country where we will stay for a night. See you tomorrow here.

Honfleur – the pearl of Normandy

We fell in love with Honfleur a couple of years ago when we were here for a couple of hours. So we wanted to come back as soon as possible and it worked great during this tour. We decided to spend the whole day here and meet our French friend Annie who lives in Caen – about a 55-minutes-drive from Honfleur. We came to our hotel already at 11 a.m. but we got our room so we could check-in directly. The hotel is situated in the city center about 4 minutes to go to the harbour and it has its own parking.

It was a bit rainy when we arrived but the city is so beautiful anyway that nobody cares about the weather. We went for a short walk waiting for Annie.

Annie came and we were very happy to see her again. We saw each other two years ago in Caen. We had a great fish lunch in the harbour and it was really tasty with a beautiful view.

After lunch we went to another place for some coffee and ice-cream and we continued with chat and laugh. So great with our French friend. We’ve now got two French friends and we learn a lot about the country and its traditions and way of living. It is so great to understand the French language better and better as well. It gives power and eagerness to know more about France.

Annie had to say good-bye to us and return to Caen and we went to a Carrefour shop situated opposite our hotel and bought lots of “French things”. We are planning a very exciting day tomorrow – our last day in France as we are leaving France on its National Day on July 14th. See you tomorrow.

Au revoir Loire, bonjour Normandie

In the morning we said bye bye to the Loire valley for this time but it is sure that we will come back – maybe not next year but quite soon. We wanted to come to a bigger city and so we realized that we had only 50-minutes-drive to Le Mans so we went there. We started with shopping – clothes and some CDs.

After shopping we went to see the beautiful cathedral and really nice old town in Le Mans.

So many beautiful old houses and so nice city center. We really like Le Mans. We had a good lunch at a very little place where the owner did cooking live and it took a little longer time but the food was really good. The funny thing was that we had old vinyl records as coasters. And my vinyl record was a French one recorded in 1977 by a relatively unknown for me French singer. The opening song on the album was written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus and was entitled “J’aime”. Difficult to know which song it was but after some googling and youtubing I understood that it was… “Arrival”.

-After lunch we drove to our destination of the day the city of Bayeux known for its tapestries and cathedral. We went around and had a great afternoon. Our hotel is situated in the middle of old town in Bayeux and it has a private parking for our car so it feels really comfortable. There is a swimming pool here as well but today is not a very warm day here so it’s not interesting for us as it was some days ago when we had 35 degrees.

Last day in Loire valley

Monday was our last day in the Loire valley – for this time. One more exciting town, chateaux and hotel. From the nice city of Tours after a night with storm and lightning and rain we drove to the medieval town of Loches.

We continued to the beaufiful chateaux of Chenonceaux where we stayed for a couple of hours. We loved the castle. It was constructed on a bridge from a very beginning. It was our last castle in the Loire valley for this time.

So our final destination on Monday is a very nice hotel de France in the village of La-Chartre-sur-Loire. The hotel is very charmy with its beautiful rooms.

And tomorrow – Normandy!